RAW Banana crepes with chocolate filling and coconut cream sauce.

What did you have for breakfast today??
How about some RAW Banana crepes with fresh fruit salad?
MMM!!!  Banana crepes with chocolate filling and coconut cream sauce.

Raw Banana Crepes:
3-4 Ripe Bananas
1t. lemon juice -optional
Add to blender and mix throughly.  Spread onto a dehydrator sheet.  Place in dehydrator for 4-5 hours until firm on one side.  Flip over for a few more hours and remove from sheet.  Roll up in plastic wrap or wax paper, until ready to enjoy.

Raw Chocolate Filling:
1 banana
1 T. Carob Powder
2 T. Almond Butter
2 T. Agave
1/2 C. soaked Almonds
Place almonds in a food processor and chop until fine consistency.  Then add all other ingredients and mix throughly.  Spread into crepes, add slices of bananas, if desires and roll it

Raw Coconut Cream Sauce:
1 Young Thai Coconut
1 T. Vanilla Powder (or extract)
1 t. Himalayan Salt
1 Lemon
2-4 T. Agave

Place the meat of the coconut in the blender, add vanilla powder, salt and the juice of one lemon.  Blend thoroughly, should be a saucy consistency.  If it is too thick add 1 T. of water from the coconut at a time, until desired consistency.  Add agave to taste.  Spread over the top of your crepe.


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