So What Do Vegan Kids Eat?

I still get people that ask me what my kids eat when they find out we are vegan?  I think it is ironic that non-vegans think that without meat and dairy, there must not be anything left on the planet to eat....hmmm.. weird....
So this blog will share with the world what my vegan kiddos eat?  To make it the easiest to understand....if it is NOT meat or dairy, or processed, or has any added sugar, my kids eat it.    They usually make their own lunches to take to school and usually get lots of questions , as well as oohs and ahhhs from their classmates and teachers.  I have an eight and ten year-old and believe me, they eat and eat and eat...

What does a typical day look like for them?  Well, here is a sample:

Breakfast:  Watermelon slices OR a green smoothie.
Snack: Dates filled with almond butter OR orange slices.
Lunch: Mangos and Pineapple OR a Veggie sandwich and Coleslaw.
Snack:  Fruit Salad (mangos, apples, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, or whatever is in season)
Dinner: Salad or any number of recipes mommy puts together (see dinner recipes).

Throughout the day, if they get hungry, they might snack on raisins, nuts or other dried fruit or make themselves a smoothie.  They also can be seen with rice cakes spread with almond butter, or watermelon, or mangos, or oranges or apples, or pears or pieces of romaine lettuce.  They have also been known to make pudding, or sorbet or even - believe it or not - veggies with or without dipping sauce.

There is an abundance of food available to them at any given moment of the day, and they take full advantage.