VEGAN Valentine's day

Trying to find valentines that are not completely centered around sweets is sometimes a bit difficult.  I finally came up with a plan with brownies and pencils.  Yes, boring, I know, but my kiddos usually love anything I put together, especially when it has a computer label on it.  And since the school they attend does not allow any holiday celebrations at school, the kids just saw it as a treat for a special Thursday.  LOL!

For my son, we made Gluten-Free Brownies.   

I cut the tops off of brown paper lunch bags

Then we stapled a "sweet" label, that I made, onto each. 

Yes, we painted the staples with sharpies...

For my daughter, I made these adorable pencil toppers, and 
she popped them onto the top.


And this is what I gave my kiddos on V-day...which they were thrilled with, even without a sugar content.  Some I made and others I found on Pinterest.  You can check out more of the valentine's ideas I found here.