Vegan Pizza Muffins

Vegan Pizza Muffins

This is such a simple little recipe.  We have made it several different ways.  All you need is pizza ingredients of your choosing, dough and sauce.  We used the same frozen dough on each version.

#1 Monkey Bread Version
Using frozen pizza dough, once it has thawed, pinch off a handful of dough and wrap up your ingredients into a ball.  Place the balls in a greased bunt pan, (or a make-shift one).  Cook as directed on the dough package.

#2 Muffin - version A
When dough is thawed, pinch off a ball of dough and place in a greased muffin tin, place toppings on top.  Bake as directed.

#2 Muffin - version B
When dough is thawed, roll out dough flat and place toppings on top.  Roll up like you would for cinnamon rolls and cut into slices.  (If dough is too sticky, you may need to place the roll in the fridge to firm it up.)  Place the slices into muffin cups/tins and bake as directed.

How do you like your pizza muffins?
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