Going bananas!! (and the best way to peel bananas)

I found a ton of bananas marked down at the store!  Can you believe they thought these beautiful babies were going bad...?

My plan was to dehydrate some and then freeze the rest.  But, eh...plans change...

I started packing the dehydrator sheets and had a ziploc bag ready for the freezer for those that just did not make the cut to dehydrate, if they were too mushy.  But then there were some that did not make the cut for the freezer bag, so they went into the blender.

So, I dehydrated some bananas....

I made banana crepes, fruit rolls or pancakes, or whatever you would like to call them, from the blender mix.

click photo above to see recipe for crepes, filling and sauce.
And then once the dehydrator sheets were all filled up I made some banana popsicles!

oh, but that is not all.  I still had some mix left in my blender, so I made some banana bread bars. 

click photo above to see recipe.
++++UPDATE:  I also have a recipe for delicious chocolate banana bites HERE.++++
So my husband gave me his super secret technique for getting the bananas from peel to dehydrator sheet.  I usually would just slice them while they were still in the peel, so that when I took the peeling off, they were all sliced up nice.  So for those of you that don't know, there is a much better way to do it.
First you peel and find the opening at the bottom where there are 3 pieces that meet. 
Push your finger through to separate them.
Then slide your finger up the banana and remove that first part.
Then separate the remaining part into 2 pieces and voila!!
3 separate pieces, and they usually stay together much better than when they are in slices.

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