VEGAN Pad Thai

VEGAN Pad Thai?  Oh Yeah!!  I had this dish several times at a local Thai restaurant, before my vegan days.  And believe me, I had my doubts that this one would stand up to the original, but I was pleasantly surprised, this was just as good, or might I say, even better!

My little chef took over the preparations for this one, while I worked on some more crock pot meal preps for my 30 days of dinners. (coming soon!)

And yes, this is another one of those, "so easy an eight- oops, nine-year-old can do it." ;)

 We really love the taste of these UDON noodles, so of course, that's what we used.

remember them from the Genghis Grill Copycat meal?

UDON Noodles
Carrots, diced**
Broccoli florets
Water Chestnuts

Pad Thai Sauce (below)

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add noodles and cook according to package directions. Add veggies for the last 5-8 minutes of boiling and let cook until carrots are fork tender. We steamed the broccoli before hand, but you would add that in as well, if it is not already cooked.  Drain the water from the noodle/veggies.  Toss sauce with noodles until well coated.  Enjoy!!

Pad Thai Sauce:
4 T sugar (we used palm sugar)
2-3 T lime juice,
4 T soy sauce (we used coconut aminos)
1 T sunflower oil


**We used that handy dandy french fry cutter again, to cut up the baby carrots.