VEGAN Kid Lunches

Vegan Kids Lunches!

I have been receiving emails asking what my kids take to school for lunch.  So I have started taking some pics.  It is not all that exciting, but it might give you some ideas.

I will try to add more photos when I remember, so check back often.  

(The metal containers are Lunch Bots)

Leftover Oriental Salad, cutie oranges, grape tomatoes, 
an apple and a Larabar.

Almond butter & jelly sandwich, cutie oranges, cucumbers, 
baby carrots and left over Apple Crisp.

Banana/Almond Butter/Agave rollups, apple slices
baby carrots, grape tomatoes & cucumber slices.

BOCA burger, sweet potato puffs, pistachios,
corn, grape tomatoes & orange slices

Apple/Almond Butter/Agave rollups, baby carrots,
cutie orange & pistachios.

I sometimes put the nuts and such in these bags.

Veggie Sandwich, grape tomatoes, cucumber slices
edamame, baked potato sticks.

We found this awesome potato cutter device at Wal-mart.  It makes cuttingthe potatoes so easy.  My potato-adoring son makes baked "french fries" all the time.

Apple butter/Apple Sandwich, cutie orange
edamame & baked potato sticks.

Sandwiches sometimes go in these bags.

Leftover Veggie Pot Pie, blueberries, grape tomatoes,
cucumber slices & cutie orange.
Leftover Lasagna, pistachios, baby carrots, cutie oranges, & an apple,

Leftover Lasagna, dried bananas, edamame, cutie oranges & an apple.

Watermelon balls, carrots, cucumbers, pistachios
& Vegan Cheese Quesadillas

Cutie Orange, apple, carrots, pistachios, popcorn & edamame
(yes, this is all he took to school that day, sometimes they pack their own,
and it was more than enough for him that day

Cutie orange, broccoli, corn, strawberries & almonds

Leftover Pad Thai, carrots, cucumbers, cutie orange & apple

Leftover Pad Thai, carrots, cucumbers, strawberries & almonds

Mean Green Wrap, leftover Spanish Rice, strawberries & mandarin oranges

Cutie Oranges, broccoli, corn, tomatoes, strawberries & leftover Spanish Rice

Leftover Apple Cake, almonds, apple, leftover Spanish Rice,
mandarin oranges & strawberries

Leftover Genghis Grill Copycat, blackberries, tomatoes,
cutie orange, apple, carrots, edamame

Carrots, celery, homemade hummus, almond butter & jelly sandwich
brown rice krispy, frozen mangos, cutie orange, apple

Apple almond butter wrap, cutie orange, banana,
mini peach cobbler muffin, skillet ravioli

Black Bean burrito, banana, pistachios, corn, banana bread

Mixed nuts, broccoli, Veggie Wrap, corn muffin, apple, corn, hummus, banana