30 VEGAN Dinners

30+ VEGAN Dinners.  

Looking for a variety for dinnertime?  Trying to meal plan without a plan?  Tired of searching and searching for "not the same ol' thing?"  Your searching is over....Your dinners are right here at your fingertips and it is as easy as printing off the list below.  

It is not always fun planning dinners, and vegan dinners, uhhh....they are sometimes a bit harder to find online.  But, salad, Boca burgers or tomato soup, 3 times a week gets a bit boring.  So I put together a month's worth of yummy goodness.  Whether you have themed days like Taco Tuesday, Mexican Monday, Pizza Friday or Leftover Sunday, you will find something in here for everyone.  Just choose the ones that best fit with your family and add them to your list.  

It sometimes feels like a daunting task to plan a whole month of dinners.  Geesh, sometimes even a weeks worth of dinners, it just too stressful.  But once you get the hang of it, you may even like it.  When planning meals, I usually just start jotting down ideas on a blank calendar page like this ONE.   Or a pretty one like this one. 

Once I have narrowed down what I want to make, then I go shopping in my pantry and make sure of what I already have on hand.  Next, I put my grocery list together, {here is a good ONE} before I go to the store.  

Sometimes I only use a weekly planner, like this is one.  

Below you will find a month's worth of VEGAN dinners you can choose from to serve your family.  (Plus a few extras) I will try to add links to the recipes, as I get them posted.  

If you have any favorites or special requests for the next list, let me know in the comments below.

Happy Eating!

Crockpot spaghetti

Shepherds pie
Sloppy Joe's
Fried Rice
White bean salad
Hawaiian Haystacks
Veggies and rigatoni/elbows
Sweet potato burgers and fries
Asian noodles and veggies
White chili and muffins
Santa Fe rice
Genghis Grill Copycat
Crockpot tortilla soup and chips
Blackbean burgers and taters
Salad wraps and French onion soup
Quinoa cakes and fries
Chili and corn muffins
Oriental salad
Spanish rice
Spaghetti salad
King Ranch casserole
Chickpea tacos
No beef and broccoli
Sweet Potato Lasagna
Pad Thai
Enchilada Pizzas
Taco salad
Veggie pot pie
Baked Spaghetti Braid
Nori rolls
Grilled tomato & cheese sandwiches
Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quesadillas
Noodle Stroganoff